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Panhellenic Council



Panhellenic Council

Kent State Panhellenic

The object of the Panhellenic Council shall be to develop and maintain fraternity life and inter-fraternity relations at a high level of accomplishment and in doing so to consider the goals and ideals of member groups as continually applicable to campus and personal life, promote superior scholarship as a basic intellectual achievement, cooperate with member fraternities and the university administration in concern for maintenance of high social and moral standards, act in accordance with the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) Unanimous Agreements and policies, and act in accordance with all rules established by its member fraternities. View our full list of Panhellenic chapters for more information.

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Executive Board Contact Info

Council President: Haley Foster | kentpc.president@gmail.com

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-7:00 p.m. or by appointment

VP of Communication: Arianna Schmenk-Langhals | kentpc.communication@gmail.com

Office Hours: Tuesday 12:30-3:00

VP of Public and Alumni Relations:
Gabby Hiller | kentpc.pralumni@gmail.com

Office Hours: Wednesday 5:00-6:00 or by appointment

VP of Finance: Tyler Weidner | kentpc.finance@gmail.com

Office Hours: Wednesday 3:00-4:00 or by appointment 

VP of Judicial Affairs: Katie Trimper | kentpc.judicial@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 11:00-12:45 or by appointment 

VP of New Member Education: Natalie Perfette | kentpc.membered@gmail.com

Office Hours: Thursday 2:30-4:00 or by appointment

VP of Philanthropy and Community Service:  Mady Chew | kentpc.philanthropy@gmail.com

Office Hours: Wednesday 1:00-2:00or by appointment 

VP of Programming: Grace Ortiz | kentpc.programming@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday 11:30-1:00 or by appointment 

VP of Recruitment and Retention:
Courtney Carpenter | kentpc.recruitment@gmail.com

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-2:00 or by appointment 

AVP of Recruitment and Retention: Ashleigh Shepard | kentpc.recruitment@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday 2:00-3:00 or by appointment 

VP of Risk Management and Reduction: Abby Coleman | kentpc.risk@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday 3:30-5:00 or by appointment 

VP of Scholarship: Erykah Scruggs | kentpc.scholarship@gmail.com

Office Hours: Monday 6:00-7:00 or by appointment

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Sorority Recruitment

Sorority Recruitment


Important Recruitment info




Important Recruitment info




Dates To Know

FSL Fest: 

Saturday, August 26, 2017 | 12 -3 pm | Manchester Field


Sunday, August 27, 2017 | 5 - 8 pm | Rizman Plaza

PNM Info Nights:

Thursday, August 31, 2017 | 7 - 10 pm | KSC 306ABC


Scheduling Conflict?

Fill out a PNM conflict form!

We highly encourage each Potential New Member to attend as much of sorority recruitment as possible so that they may fully experience the diversity of our Panhellenic community and make an informed decision about which sorority they feel most at home in. However, we understand scheduling conflicts do occur. As a community priding itself on academic responsibility and integrity, we encourage Potential New Members with perceived schedule conflicts to complete the form below so that we can try to adjust schedules accordingly. Please note that not all requests may be met due to our own scheduling constraints, but we will try our best to make proper accommodations! 

PNM Conflict form


If you have further questions or concerns please feel free to contact your assigned Sorority Recruitment Counselor (SRC)! These individuals receive special training to assist you during the recruitment process and are knowledgable on all common questions and concerns that may arise throughout the recruitment process. Your SRC(s) will contact you via email when you have been assigned to a group. 

PNM Orientation:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017 6-9pm in the KIVA

Thursday, September 7 2017 6-9pm in the KIVA

Saturday, September 9, 2017 1-4pm in the KIVA

It is mandatory to attend at least one session in order to go through the Formal Recruitment process.


Tuesday September 12, 2017 - Saturday September 16, 2017

Open house Round: 

Tuesday September 12, 2017 - Thursday September 14, 2017

PNM Arrival Time: 6 p.m.

Round Start Time: 7 p.m.

Sisterhood round:

Friday September 15, 2017

PNM Arrival Time: 3 p.m.

Round Start Time: 4 p.m.

Preference Round:

Saturday September 16, 2017

PNM Arrival Time: 11 a.m.

Round Start Time: 12 p.m.

Bid Day: 

Sunday September 17, 2017

PNM Arrival Time: 9 a.m.



What to Expect

Recruitment Process: 

Formal Recruitment is a mutual selection based process over a six-day period. During recruitment you will have the opportunity to meet women from each chapter, learn about their traditions, financial responsibilities and philanthropic efforts. You will be guided through the process by Sorority Recruitment Counselors who are women that temporarily disaffiliate from their chapters to assist you throughout the recruitment process.

Financial Responsibility: 

Each chapter has different semester dues and financial responsibilities, which you will learn more about during the Formal Recruitment process. Also, each chapter offers personal payment plans that assist you in managing the financial obligations of sorority life. 

Anti-hazing Policies:

Each sorority has a no tolerance policy against hazing. Hazing is against Panhellenic Bylaws, university policy and state law. 

Panhellenic Spirit and Community:

Kent State's sorority community fosters positivity, success and relationship building between all chapters on campus. We as a community work together to create a caring, understanding, respectful and enriching environment for all Kent State students and value friendship, service, scholarship, philanthropy and community among all sorority women. 

What to wear?

Visit our Pinterest page for a guide on what to wear during each round of Formal Recruitment! 

Please remember these are guidelines and not requirements by any means! Be unique and true to yourself and your personal style! Being true to yourself is the best way for you to find your home away from home!

Sorority recruitment counselors

Your SRC will be a role model in the Panhellenic community and act as a mentor throughout the formal recruitment process. SRCs are considered impartial representatives of the College Panhellenic Association who understand and implement the purposes and goals of the College Panhellenic Association in recruitment. 





Recruitment FAQs

How will I know which sorority is right for me?

Each chapter on Kent's campus has its own unique values, principles, motto and creed that it lives by. It is important to go into the recruitment process with an open mind and positively outlook to discover the best for you.

I'm not a freshman. Am I allowed to go through recruitment?

At Kent State, we encourage ALL undergraduate students to attend out recruitment events and consider registering for formal recruitment.

is it required to attend pre-recruitment events?

No, the only pre-recruitment event you are required to attend is the PNM orientation night, which will give you all of the information you'll need prior to the start of Formal Recruitment week. However, we encourage you to attend the pre-recruitment events to learn more about each chapter and connect with sorority women in our community.

How hard is it to balance sorority life and academics?

Our community greatly values and emphasizes scholarships and academics. Each sorority encourages academic success and provides support to its members through academic study tables and sisterhoods. We encourage you to ask other sorority women how they balance their time, but most sorority women are able to manage sorority responsibilities, academics, work and other extra-curricular activities.

How can I learn more about each sorority?

Attending pre-recruitment events and talking to as many sorority women as possible is the best way to learn more about each individual chapter. You can also learn more about each individual chapter by visiting their national websites or right here on the FSL website!

I am registered for formal recruitment! What is the next step?

Your assigned Sorority Recruitment Counselors (SRCs) will be in contact with you to help you through the process and answer any questions. 

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Panhellenic Chapters


Panhellenic Chapters


Panhellenic Council Chapters

Kent State University Sorority and Fraternity Life prides itself on various values including scholarship, sisterhood/brotherhood, philanthropy, service, and friendship. We as a community work together to create both an exciting and rewarding experience for all members. Kent State has eight sororities on campus, each with a unique purpose that helps to foster the values outlined above. These chapters are listed below. 


Panhellenic Events


Panhellenic Events



Events assigned to the Panhellenic Council will appear below.

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Panhellenic philanthropy


Panhellenic philanthropy



Alpha Phi: Alpha Phi Foundation benefiting women's heart health

Alpha Xi Delta: Autism Speaks

Chi Omega: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and Relay for Life

Delta Gamma: Service for Sight

Delta Zeta: The Delta Zeta Foundation supporting the hearing and speech impaired, Starkey Hearing Foundation and The Painted Turtle Camp

Phi Mu: Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) and The Phi Mu Foundation

Sigma Delta Tau: Prevent Child Abuse America and The Sigma Delta Tau Foundation 

Sigma Sigma Sigma: "Sigma Serves Children" through the Robbie Page Memorial (RPM) supporting children's play therapy and March of Dimes