Chapter Name: Theta Chi 

Isaac Gambrell -President and Treasurer

Myles Taylor -Vice President 

Danny pippin- sergeant of arms 

Vince Johnson- Secretary

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Founding date- September 19, 1963

Founding location- On the steps of Morgan State College which is now known as Maca State University

Motto- Building a tradition and never resting upon one

Colors- Charcoal brown and Gilden gold




  • "Kaya" (Kaya [kah-ya], meaning "village" in Swahili) Community Service Initiative. Underneath the "Kaya" umbrella are the following national/international initiatives, programs and community service partnerships:


    ·         I-S.H.I.E.L.D. – Our newest, comprehensive initiative (started Spring 2016) designed to address and end all forms of abuse, nationally and worldwide. I-S.H.I.E.L.D. is an acronym that stands for "IOTAS Saving, Healing, Improving, Empowering Lives Daily". We have 5 focus areas that address Human Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Elder Abuse and Child Abuse/Bullying. To view the comprehensive program, click here.


    ·         Delete Blood Cancer – In Spring 2016, Iota Phi Theta and the Delete Blood Cancer DKMS entered into an agreement to raise awareness about various blood-related cancers and register potential marrow donors, with emphasis in the African American community and other communities of color. To view the Iota/DKMS MOU, click here.


    ·         The American Red Cross (ARC) – In January 2015, Iota Phi Theta became the first NPHC fraternity to establish a partnership with the ARC to provide assistance to communities through the United States in the areas of blood drives, disaster relief operations and other areas in which each partner believes cooperation and support will be mutually beneficial. To view the Iota/ARC MOU, click here. To view the recent initiative, Sound the Alarm, click here.


    ·         St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital - Since 2012, the Fraternity has been supporting and raising funds for St. Jude, primarily through the annual “St. Jude Run/Walk to End Childhood Cancer. Iota Teams comprised of members of the IOTA Family (Brothers, Sweethearts and our families and supporters) run/walk in unity in major cities across the nation on a single day, while raising funds through the year for St. Jude. To view the Iota/St. Jude MOU, click here.


    ·         The I.O.T.A. (“Intelligent, Outstanding Talented Achievers”) Youth Alliance (often referred to as 'I.Y.A.') – a national umbrella program, established in 1991 (by Grand Polaris Robert Clark and First Lady Felita Clark), through which individual chapters of Iota Phi Theta address the needs of Black Youth in their respective communities, addressing issues important/relevant to those communities. Since its inception, I.Y.A. programs have included mentorship, manhood development, relationship building, college awareness, HBCU tours, athletics, academic supports (scholarships, academic and career advising/counseling, tutoring), and personal development.


    “Afya Njema (Afya [aah-fee-yah] Njema [j-ma], meaning “Good Health” in Swahili) 360” Health Initiative: Comprehensive programs to address health issues affecting Fraternity members and other African American males and men of color.


    ·         Iota Phi Theta Men’s Health Program – Established in Spring 2016, The purpose of Men’s Health is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. Chapters of Iota Phi Theta fulfill this program’s purpose by sponsoring health awareness seminars and workshops and ‘hands-on’ support for Fraternity members, other African American males and men of color.


    ·         I-PhiT ("Impact Others Through Awareness by Implementing Public Health Initiatives Throughout the World.") – I-PhiT is a volunteer-based, 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, founded in 2011by its President and CEO, Iota Brother David Odige. I-PhiT and Iota Phi Theta have officially joined to address both national and international issues through education and community involvement and promote health awareness for Fraternity members and the community. To view the Iota/I-PhiT MOU, click here.

Fun Facts:

  • Fun fact- spring of 2017 was when Theta Chi was charter at Kent State University and the charter line was: I. Gambrell, D. Powell, A. Wright, D. Banks