United by friendship, sustained by honor, and led by truth, we live and we flourish

Phi Kappa Psi

Local Chapter: Ohio Kappa


President: Eric Tedeschi - etedesch@kent.edu

Vice President: Sam Owens - sowers17@kent.edu

Treasurer: Andy Oltmanns - aoltmann@kent.edu

Corresponding Secretary: Andy Dolin - adolin@kent.edu

Recording Secretary: Zac Barbose - zbarbose@kent.edu

Historian: Denon Hubbard - dhubar4@kent.edu

Messanger: Alex Arrowsmith - aarrowsm@kent.edu

Sergeant at Arms: Colin Kuchenmeister - ckuchen1@kent.edu

Chaplain: Kyle Cate - ckate@kent.edu 

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Mission Statement: The Great Joy of Serving Others

Motto: Conjugati Amicitia, Vindicate Honore, Et Ducti Vero, Vivimus et Vigemus

           United by Friendship, Sustained by Honor, And Led by Truth, We Live and we Flourish

Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunter Green

Flower: Jacqueminot Rose


Boys & Girls Club of America



fun facts

  • Our chapter began the week of service which is now implemented at a national level by the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.